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feeling enlightened, sometimes in life bad and good things happen and it makes you appreciate what you have even more, I suppose often we forget what is there and take things/people for granted, and one thing is to appreciate all the small things in life, kind gestures, words of enlightenment, of wisdom, of self knowledge. we are so much more beautiful in so many different ways, people often like to bring others down or try to embarrass them in front of others, picking on their insecurities, or not letting a person be youthful, full of dreams visions art writings and beautiful music playing in our hearts and souls. I am pleased to have the mind I have, and happy to be mindful, to help others, to know how to give advice, to be patient and calm. everyday I grow, everyday I learn even more. Its like planting a seed and watching a tree grow silently, peacefully, beautifully.. acknowledging others, yourself, and loving yourself is the most important. I am 21, and happy to be me, happy to be loved by my significant other, my family, my friends, happy to be alive, breathing, and well. Im still learning & growing.
Posted on: Mon, 03 Nov 2014 23:11:46 +0000

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