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sala salapu Dear Sampanthan, I do not want you to think that I am against Mr.Sumanthiran; he has spoken out clearly in parliament on several occasions. His speeches are laudable. There are not many Tamil parliamentarian who can articulate like him. What the Tamils desire is that he, as a TNA spokesman, should have spoken in the UNHRC sessions in a similar fashion, highlighting the crimes committed against the Tamils by the Sinhalese army and navy. If the 6th Amendment is an obstruction, he should get some proxies to do the talking. Stopping Mrs.Ananthi from speaking in UNHRC in March 2014, creates a suspicion that Mr. Sumanthiran has his own plans of what the solution should be, and that is a unitary state. Is that TNAs official stand? I am not an expert on the 6th Amendment, but as a legal man he should find ways of circumventing the amendment. Even Mr.Prabhakaran by the Oslo Declaration was willing to forgo a separate state for a federal solution with proper safeguards. Why cant TNA ask for at least a federal solution publicly? Is it a crime? On account of this demand, if the NPC is dissolved, so be it. In any case the NPC is a dysfunctional entity. Dissolving it will will let the so-called International Community (IC) and India know that Sri Lanka will not give the Tamils any rights that will assure them their security and livelihood. They dont have to run off in rickety boats to Australia. Accepting a unitary state by an affidavit, where the Tamils are serfs, will damn the Tamils forever. In any case Rajapaksa is not so stupid as to dissolve NPC, as his intentions will be revealed to the IC and India. TNA has a mandate from the Tamils, as their massive victory shows. If they succeed in securing the Tamil rights, they can face the next election confidently. Even if they fail, the electorate must be satisfied they did their best honestly and sincerely. Otherwise, the electorate will be divided. Then we have to sing God Save the Tamils. Getting a mandate once is not a sacred cow, just the way Rajapaksas sovereignty is a sacred cow. Unity of all the Tamils worldwide is paramount. The TNA is very secretive. They should disclose to the people what they are doing and keep them well informed. When the talk to the IC and India, they must tell them what they will accept as a solution. Many Tamils in their homeland and elsewhere are concerned what the TNA is telling these people, as rarely any of their discussions are disclosed. What the Tamil leaders are asking for their people are legally correct and what Rajapaksa did or is doing in Sri Lanka is illegal. The Tamils have nothing to worry about their stand, but Rajapaksa has a lot to worry. The only worry the Tamil leaders have is the risk to their lives. If that be the case, they shouldnt be in the leadership. TNAs policies should be such that it unifies the Tamils in their homeland and the world over, and they should all speak with a single voice - a federal state and if that is not possible, a separate state. It is my personal opinion, and perhaps the views of many, that the Tamil Homeland will be written off, if the unitary state is accepted. As it is the Eastern Province with Trincomalle is lost to the Tamils. The land crabs, colonisation and militarisation will within years nail the coffin for the Northern Tamils. Rapes, torture disappearances will drive away many Tamils from their homeland. The entire World Tamils are looking forward to TNA to salvage the Tamil Homeland. They are the ones on the ground; therefore, they are the only ones who can do it. The Diaspora and the Tamil Nadu Tamils can only be supportive to TNA. They can exert pressure, but they have no authority to negotiate on behalf of the Tamils in the Homeland. If TNA fails in its responsibilities now, it will go down in history like the pre-independent legal luminaries, who happened to be the Tamil leaders, who sold the Tamils to the Sinhalese for their ministerial positions and good live in Colombo. Please view Mr.Sumanthirams powerful speech in the parliament in the tube below. youtube/watch?v=G5XhhWWbf8Q& Regards, Visvanathan
Posted on: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 05:06:30 +0000

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