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[Fan Post] Maybe some people started off like this. “Do you know EXO?” “Of course! That Kris, he’s so handsome!” “Yes yes yes! and also Luhan, he’s so cute!” or even… “The four of them on our side (china line) are really good looking!” “Yeah! The two koreans are behind them a little bit!” From the start, he might not be everyone’s favourite. He might not even be approved by some of you. But slowly and surely, you will realize that this man is wonderful. This man has so much determination. He said, “I want to learn chinese well, and let people be confused whether I’m a korean or a chinese.” This man likes to bottle up everything. During the award ceremony, he bowed all the way down infront of the big screen. With his tears twinkling, he didn’t dare to turn back, neither did he utter a single word. This man loves China from the bottom of his heart. The last to enter the group, yet volunteering to go to China on his own will. This man is too sweet, willing to turn around and run all the way back to pick up Tao’s watch when the maknae dropped it during the performance. When the airport was chaotic, when he was squeezed and pushed by fans, he wasn’t afraid. When he didn’t get a single present, he wasn’t afraid. When his fansite’s banner got thrown around or dropped and stomped all over at the entrance of the hotel, he wasn’t afraid either. Not at all. I only remember him making the ‘M’ gesture happily. Only remember his shy interactions. Only remember him having fun in Disneyland. Only remember his cute eyebrows. Only remember his beautiful soaring high notes in SBS gayo daejun. Only remember the Harry Potter Chen Chen. Only remember his love for everyone else. Only remember the handsome and dashing side of him. Only remember reading a rumour about him cleaning up the drink for a chinese trainee… We really should shower him with love like how we do for everyone else, even if it’s just a word of encouragement. No matter what… he is the reason why we get to listen to these beautiful high notes in EXO M and be able to witness the perfect live performances. Thank you, Kim Jongdae. Remember to stay as a happy chenzi (orange)! As long as you’re here, we will be here too. I can’t clear away your pain and sadness, but I will try my best to give you a little more happiness. Cr:_褶子上的交际鹿 translated by yixingdotjpg / @netizhang -BriZi-
Posted on: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 00:25:59 +0000

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