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A representative from the moving company came by today to get a decent count on boxes, etc from the move... They *MIGHT* be able to get it all in a day, which I really pushed to him that would be GREAT and would not only be less stress on myself, but also on our dogs!! I also let him see our signs, and that when I say DO NOT OPEN OR ENTER I MEAN IT!!! He took notes, and assured me they would listen, while our dogs ARE friendly of course, their safety and comfort comes FIRST and many strange people in and out, and disturbing their routine could cause unnecessary stress on them. Also today, I want to again apologize to everyone for my lack of response time to questions, and emails, Im preparing this move literally by myself for the dogs and my family, and Im trying my best to also keep our routine as normal as possible. Please forgive me if I seem short, or I dont answer in a timely manner, Im hoping to have everything up and running as usual within about a week after move in, so please just bare with me, I will not be post any new fundraisers unless an emergency pops up until after Christmas to hopefully give you all a break. I WILL be doing our leash/collar & gift card drawing on Monday, and our thanksgiving kitty naming drawing on Friday! :) Thank you all for your AMAZING love and support!!!
Posted on: Wed, 04 Dec 2013 20:31:11 +0000

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