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Are You Hopeful? Joyce Meyer When you think about the future, are you hopeful? Or do you struggle with a sense of dread? People who have seen Gods faithfulness in the past tend to be very hopeful about the future. They know a bad situation can turn into a wonderful testimony in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, people who have lost all hope view life from the perspective of dread. A close cousin to fear, dread steals the ability to enjoy ordinary life and makes people anxious about the future. Hope is the opposite of dread, and a close relative of faith. When we have faith in God, it leads to hope, and our outlook on life and the future is positive. Hope allows us to leave our unanswered questions in Gods hands; it empowers us to remain at peace, and it enables us to believe the best about the days to come. You can have hope when you trust in Gods love. He has the power to provide for you and lead you through every situation. Prayer Starter: God, I choose to put my faith in You, knowing that it will turn into hope. I dont have to dread, because You have the ability to care for me, so I put my hope in You.
Posted on: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:11:55 +0000

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