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Around this time last year, on 11-4-13, Dr. Andrew Moulden died of a mysterious and sudden apparent heart attack. A heart attack weve learned other activists have been found to die from. Many believe he was murdered because he conclusively proved vaccines CAUSED SIDS, autism spectrum disorders, you name it. Anything listed as an adverse reaction or side effect, he proved was caused by vaccines. He was helping thousands of families diagnose their vaccine injuries and to seek compensation. Then his life ended. He was a huge threat to the vaccine program. Probably the biggest threat. For those unfamiliar with his work and have questions about vaccine danger, get informed. He was a brilliant man. Just brilliant. SO loved. He fought against the pharmaceutical companies and he put himself out there and was targeted for his work. He cared about the people and did not want to see your child get vaccinated. He physically proved vaccinating caused the body to have mini strokes, damaging the body which he proved through his diagnostic tools and an empathic understanding of the brain. He proved vaccines have been causing burns to body and brain. Ending the debate about vaccines causing harm. You are so missed Dr. Moulden. Your work lives on. Your family and friends honor you and we thank you for what you did for the people. drandrewmoulden/
Posted on: Sat, 08 Nov 2014 18:08:09 +0000

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