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Can I just be the first to publicly say that I am beyond ecstatic that I am out of high school? Call me crazy, but I dont miss it. I miss things like musical and chorus, but thats where it ends. I feel like Ive done a lot of growing up and changing in one year —and feel free to correct me on this —but I believe its for the better. Sure theres the physical changes like cutting my hair, getting a dog, and shedding a few pounds, but it goes deeper than that. Since college Ive learned to stand up for myself. No more picking on Samantha just because shes an easy target and wont do anything about it. Secondly, Ive learned how to love from a distance. Certain people are a bit much to bear, maybe because they produce you with more anxiety than you should have to deal with. Whatever it is, you need to be able to say, I love you, but I cant deal with this just yet, and back away from the situation. Yes, I try very hard to be selfless, but sometimes we have to take small selfish movements to keep our health in tact. Thirdly, Ive become much more responsible. Through being the sole person responsible for my education, Ive managed money better than ever, as well as having learned how to manage my time between work and play. Im responsible for vet costs, dog food, chew toys, etc. Ive never had to pay for those on my own before. Im managing being a full time student who is simultaneously working two jobs and who would love the occasional girls night with her friends. Living off campus has made me grow up as well. Rather than just walking one of the many food providers on campus, I actually have to meal plan. Sure theres grown-up things I dont enjoy like taxes, having to refrain from buying that uber cute top at Rue so I can pay for groceries or text books, and the fact that it doesnt come with a daily nap time, but thats life. Im not carefree, Im stressed, Im constantly going at full speed ahead, Im becoming a grown-up. Dont worry, there will always be a little pixie dust in my soul but strangely, I think it suits me better than high school ever did.
Posted on: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 12:11:17 +0000

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