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Dear Antarians! It was a perfect pleasure to celebrate the 20th Anniversary ANTARIS with you all. What a party – thank you everyone. The spaceschip had a mission – fun, peace and the sharing of mutual understanding. The mission was successfully completed and it is now flying back in to the Universe to prepare for the next landing. ANTARIS is growing and maturing each year and in 2015 we will finally come-of-age. Further developments toward perfectionism are in progress with the blacklight decoration and this will be perfectly displayed during the night of the July new moon. Calling all Antarians Let´s celebrate the 21st birthday of ANTARIS together 10-13 July 2015 at the Flugplatz Otto Lillienthal Laugh & Dance! It´s for your eyes, your ears and your heart! One slight problem unfortunately remains. For many years we have worked hard with rubbish-collection and returning the camping space to its clean origins. Some are extremely helpfull but some individuals couldn´t care less and their left-overs are simply shocking. It can take days to remove the often oversized (!!!) rubbish and clean the space ... Despite this slightly bitter aftertaste we are excited and raring to go towards the making of the next sparkling, twinkling, glittering ANTARIS. The spaceship will, once again, send us on a unforgettable cosmic journey. ANT-ARIS = Against War! For Friendship, Peace & Freedom!
Posted on: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 21:16:38 +0000

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