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Disconnected phones can still call 911 The Lloydminster RCMP would like to inform the public that an inactive cell phone can still call 911. The same applies for a phone with no SIM card in it. It is understandable that after you upgraded your phone that your old phone may be used as a childs toy. If this is the case, ensure the battery is removed which will guarantee no accidental 911 calls will be made from that phone. In the case that you have given your old smart phone to an older child to use for games and music, it is important to teach them about 911 and the emergency button on most phones. If 911 is called inadvertently dont hang up. Stay on the phone and advise the 911 operator of the accidental call. This could prevent the police from attending your residence or using other measures, like GPS, in attempt to locate you to ensure your safety. On Dec. 27, there were a total of 41 calls placed to 911 this way. This represents a serious safety concern as it ties up 911 operators who are prepared to take emergency calls, as well as the police officers responding to the calls for assistance.
Posted on: Mon, 05 Jan 2015 21:48:53 +0000

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