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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Man Enough. Young people have their challenges gay or straight and In his debut play writer Dan Peter Reeves grapples with friendship, love and exploitation. Chris and Kaye are besties with Kate always providing the safety net for 18 year old Chris when he is late for work or short on rent. He is the unlikely target for escort Joey who eventually moves in to run his business from their flat and cracks the friendship between Kate and Chris. There is some good playing in this young piece. Kates live musical underscore singing enhances the play and adds in an emotional line where the physical playing inhibits. Direction is limited and as such actors seem to be timidly approaching the roles rather than living the underground lifestyle Joeys seduction thrusts this naive young couple into. Kate is the sensible one and Chriss youth pays a high price for first love. Some nice performances and better writing helped this piece of youth drama that cried out for strong physical direction to really shake things up. Ended Saturday
Posted on: Thu, 15 May 2014 09:07:27 +0000

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