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GBAM! Jonathan has transformed Nigeria to BIG FOR NOTHING! South African Politician, Malema, Attacks Jonathan, Says President “Irresponsible” Over Silence On Baga Speaking at a press briefing, Mr. Malema mocked Mr. Jonathan using his first name, Goodluck. “Eh Goodlook, or Goodluck or whatever his name is or badluck I don’t know …He is quick to release statement about the killing in Paris; but don’t (doesn’t) say anything about the killings in his own country. That’s an irresponsible leadership,” Mr. Malema said. “We are really saddened by what is happening in Nigeria. It is highly disturbing.” “And we need South African Government to intervene and we will be raising the matter in the Parliament. “We will make the Parliament to debate it as an urgent matter and pass the resolution for South African intervention in Nigeria,” he said. Watch video of Mr. Malema attacking President Jonathan below. saharareporters/2015/01/14/south-african-politician-malema-attacks-jonathan-says-president-“irresponsible”-over#.VLcLBR7pv1J.facebook
Posted on: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 01:03:02 +0000

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