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GIGANTIC COSMIC OCEAN OF ENERGY is described by Adam Bull as no different than waves of the planetary ocean except in far greater number and appalling immensities. READ ALL ABOUT IT Civilisations magnetic engines to be powered by the same force of the Earth if it is to be as is presented, the universe and its signals might be comprised or compared to a gigantic and vast ocean, to which pressures , or movements, not unlike our own perpetual planetary oceans movement, and its associated energy of kinetic, we observe energy is channelled thru the so-called gravity of our moon in the ratio of two thirds, the contribution of ur distant sun, only approximately 1 third, a cosmic electric or as I prefer to call it magnetic wheel-work of nature can be established on the currents, but in the former case of the gigantic universal ocean that reaches beyond the tide and ocean of this planet, and in fact locally lays as cause,the singular planetary system we call home, there is an energy and force in potential so extreme, that it could not compare with any force of energy currently known. Indeed, the same force which we know motivates this very planet, its moon, and even the star we call the sun itself. Perpetual Force cause of axial motion of planet and shifting of seasons and local suns poles Each force in its perpetual motion, travels thru the cosmic or aetheric ocean, creating disruptions not unlike to that of sound waves travelling thru a rod or a tube, and therefore creating the phenomenon we know as the planetary north and south poles, the lightning, aurora, the radioactivity in the dense metals that are hit by it, and the gravity. Read about magnetic current and find out what it can do. Indeed we are surrounded by energy, it is everywhere, and for if there were an earth with just a billion times the surface area, performing the change and routines, we could see, that 1 millionth of the percent of the land area could power the industry of our planet today, and revealing, really, the gigantic immensity, of force, lost, or missed, by the limited obstruction or electromagnetic resistance of the earth a much decreased volume of energy might be obtainable, than compared to an obstruction of great enough extent to channel the cosmic rays as charges no different than an aerial battery system, or in other words, the earth in its appalling immensity of force, provides a limited interception point for the gigantic cosmic tide, and for these clear and contrived reasons, a great advancement awaits in the new discovery of the universal current energy to which the waves of all forces we are familiar are mathematically derived, in the same constance that radioactive alpha beta and gamma rays leave the dense radioactive matter from their unstable paths, being caused by an external force, each wave noticed on each planet, is in this manner externally derived. NEW FORCE FOUND RESPONSIBLE FOR ORBITAL MOVEMENT A period based system of elements and arrangements for the atom, the planet and the electrical generator Comprising to the force of energy from our sun, not unlike that of pressure, or potential, and the earth, rather like a valve or sheet, among the partial so-called empty vacuum, and from the resistance drawing, some small portion of this energy that the force of every sun added in the aetheric zone just 1000 miles from our perimeter, should be so great that it could not be compared with the immensity we know as our own, so small in comparison would the total electrostatic potential of our sun be, when measured in this way, that the resistance of the iron rock, is the cause of the magnetic north and south pole of the planet, but for such a thing to be caused, or the motion in the centre of the earth to be effected, there must be some external cause. NEW KIND OF LIFE DISCOVERED by Adam Bull, musician, writer and amateur scientist and engineer Every thing, even a universe, mush have its inspirations and its failures. Such as the structural design of the brain, the human stomach as an organ, and its responsibility in being the power source for the contractions involved in the muscles and the mental facility, thru the convergence and interaction of electrical facilities known as the neuron, the supporting stomach organ, with the assistance of the other critical faculties, such as the red iron blood cells, a universal system of inter-operation might be viable. For instance, we know that electrical power ran into the body , or arm, of a man is prone to producing the same kind of contraction as is produced by the man who is not connected to a battery. For these reasons, and the reason that a man who is deprived of nourishment, is unable no longer to create and send the electrical signals to the muscle , we can conclude that the human stomach is no different than an electrical battery, except that the human stomach is more complicated and has dependencies. HUMBLE ELECTRIC BATTERY BEGINNING OF A NEW AGE AND THE LIFE WITHIN IT The only difference between the battery and the human being is that the battery forms only one part of the human being, the energy itself can be provided by a stomach, but to do anything with the energy used to power the motion of the arteries, and the contractions responsible for the heart muscle which pumps the distribution must be channelled to the mind muscle to make it function. For instance, I have noticed when my mind is hard at work, there is the contractions of the eye, and the motion and angle of the muscles changing. I think it is proof enough that the electrical current responsible in the process of thought is an important part of it. I have noticed that also when people do not eat, they are prone to find it harder to think. I think then there is something about the way the stomach breaks down the food we eat that allows the charges that they are comprised of to be broken down by the bile and the acidic compounds in the human stomach creating the necessary wave to power the particles or functioning part of the systems motion. In other words the only difference between the human being and the long haired scientists generator, is that the scientists generator cannot fetch more fuel to create another 10 generators. In the case of a universe where no thing can be seen as free, it should be known in a world that could produce the same wondrous instruments we luckily find ourselves to be, each and every suffering might be alleviated from our fellow brotherhood of men, and instead replaced with an incredible barbarity of civilisation not yet experienced, which should only be described as the struggle of the spirit. Eccentric Electrical creator makes device that alters the maker and more in a newspaper article advertisement coming soon. For more information about magnetic current and how it runs you support the author of this free writing by reading the books Technology For a New Future Published 12.12.12, Reverse Engineering The Leedskalnin Generator Published 12.12.13 Transformer T.B.A and the 10.5 Advertisement messages about a new sound base and frame for your electricity, Help the author by reading, and writing and presenting your own ideas instead of doing what many others do which is taking the opportunity away from others and giving it to themselves or another, If more people were familiar with the evidence and science showing nobody knows the general nature of the universe, it ought to be more alleviating than it is frightfully relieving to receive the diatribe from the other who is convinced. It is the opinion of this author that if a person is convinced, they must be able to explain the exceptions, and if more exceptions are added to explain the first assumption, one must be willing to take the natural instinctive and reasonable course of action, in the consideration that his first assumption was wrong, or else suffer the fate of the inventive fiction of the Greeks in the repeating of science, shall it not be 2000 more years of dark ages, until the lesson between inductive and inventive science is learnt. And the difference between electrical work with something you know, and electrical work with something you are convinced you do not know, surely in the metaphor for the diference between quantum electrodynamics and current academic transformer theory. In all, we see an astonishing connectivity to the duration of the existence of one philosophy , or device or another, and the very things that would be of the greatest utility and use, should last forever Best Wishes, Adam Bull Author, Musician & Amateur Scientist
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