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I just want to let everyone know something off the bat. I found out he was going to make a video of rumors and lies and hate, he got mad I found out which was the only reason he made an apology video. Secondly, I want people to understand that this has been going on for 4 years and weve been silent about this for 4 years. We have told him to stop and spoken with him face to face, over the phone, etc. Did he listen? No, he continued to lie to his fans, put on a mask, and copy people and say it was all him. He continued to treat his friend like crap and so we finally decided to speak up. Enough is enough right? I also want to mention how whack his fake apology was, this is like apology number 400 and once again doesnt mean one part of his apology video notice how he didnt even say It was a fact he apologized by saying If YOU feel like I copied, Possibly I did, Maybe. With proof right in everyones face this guy still has the audacity to continue his shady movements. Lets not forget how he only spoke about domo wilson and a girl and gave a fake apology his whole video yet why didnt he speak about being fake, the camera situation, him being fake to his friends, him blocking his own fans, him getting people blocked to stay on top. Why didnt he talk about the way he treats women FOR REAL, yet he starts the video by saying I didnt watch any of there videos completely but I already knew what they were going to say... come on dude, stop. If any of you fell for his apology I feel sorry for you.
Posted on: Sat, 04 Oct 2014 22:14:01 +0000

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