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I love God and believe in him. Im a Catholic. Im a Christian. Im a Nigerian. Im Human. Everyone has the freedom of association and religion. I once said that the greatest enemies of president Jonathan are the men he surrounded himself with as advisers. Though president Jonathan has the right to visit holy-land as pilgrim, the teaching of the church requires that he do so solemnly. It doesnt require media advert because its not an excursion but period of restitution. I publicly withdrawn my membership of Christian association of Nigeria since pastorprenuer Oritsajafor converted CAN to Niger delta struggle for acquisition of illegal arms. For Mr President to embark on spiritual cleansing exercise in Isreal with such man whose private jet he registered for evangelism was converted to commercial hiring and arms purchase thereby averting tax is morally indefensible. Morover, in a religious sensitive country like Nigeria, Mr president should not allow his PAS to be uploading his prayer pictures as if he is marketing isreal for tourism. If a Muslim president does that, he will be accused of trying to islamise the nation. The presidency must know that prayer is a communication between man and God and needed not to be advertised. It is not a showbiz. It is a journey one can embark lonely with a sober heart. Finally, if the essense of pilgrimage is for prayer and restitution, do we need to fund the participants from our national treasury? So Nigeria can pay for sins committed by her leaders? Or is presidents sin spiritually immune too? Or is it part of his manifesto to publicly pray in Isreal? How does that trip benefits poor Nigerian taxpayers? Does it mean that amadioha traditional worshipper can be sponsored from our treasury when he becomes president? The wealth we are shairing in Isreal will ansa! Diaritz god ooo. ...datsul
Posted on: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 11:28:49 +0000

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