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I will admit that lack of proper strategic planning and direction is causing the South Sudan government ministry falling behind standards service expectation which their citizens were hoping to received. We are (SS) citizens n we do expect service delivery that is fair, free and just for the whole nation at large. The country is weak because of political interest issues facing the new nation and a political propaganda which has no clear agenda but a corruption ideas. South Sudan is now worth off then during struggle period when we had no country budgeting in place. Food rationing was well distributed in a fair manner. In made some connection with South Sudan to Russia sometimes back when Soviet Union collapsing during the Cold War and the transition to free market economy. Russian corrupt official was high among the country commander but thru a smart policies being implementing the country went back to it past prestige position. Russian citizens are enjoying some of their privilege despite the political differences with the rest of the West. It is possible here too that S Sudan could turn around it situation it has now to implement policies that considered the society welfare.
Posted on: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 04:55:40 +0000

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