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Just wanna share this with yall. Enjoy reading! :D Red Keeps Us Alive by: SJM Armenta It all started when I dreamt about her that one cold December night. In my dream, we were kissing passionately in a place where everything was red. The dress she was wearing, the gazebo where we were standing, the chairs surrounding it, and the small flowers that looks like a pool of blood from afar. Every little thing that I saw in that place was literally red except for her deep black eyes, partnered with her black silky straight hair, and my white pants and long sleeves shirt. The scene was so realistic that I thought it was true, but when I opened my eyes and saw myself laying in my bed, I realized that it was only a dream. After dreaming about her, she had never left my mind anymore. The weird thing was, I had no idea why I dreamt about her, because I was pretty certain that I wasnt interested in her, or maybe I was - Im not sure. If I was, surely it was just pure curiosity brought by her mysteriousness. She was just a simple and shy girl in our Biology class who was always the subject of fun in our room. Not that I was observing her everyday, but if you were in my shoes, you would easily notice that all her things were red. From her bag, to her handkerchief, her phone casing, notebook, accessories, shoes, everything - of course except for her uniform. In fact, I remembered telling myself before that good thing our uniform doesnt have a single shade of red. I never saw her with anyone, so I supposed she didn’t have a single friend. Actually, almost all our classmates kept calling her witch, and honestly, I didnt know where they got that idea. Looking back at those times, most probably, that was when she started to pique my curiosity. Going back to my story, since that night when I dreamt about her, I started to be sensitive whenever she was being bullied by our classmates. In short, I became her knight in shining armor, except that I didnt have an armor. We began sharing small talks, and then eventually became friends. As days passed, I became more attached to her. She was actually fun to be with - very bubbly and smart which was so different from the shy girl that I used to know. Theres no way she could be a witch, I remembered telling my classmates almost everyday, though I knew they wouldn’t listen to me because they still kept on calling her that. I was willing to defend her for the rest of my life, but then, a time came that she told me to just stop minding them, and so I did. One day, I decided to ask her the question that was bothering me for a long time already. Pyra, just out of curiosity, what is it with red that you like? I thought she was going to say because its the color of love as what it was for me, but she gave me a different answer that took me by surprise . Because its the color of blood, not knowing how to respond, I just looked at her face in disbelief which made her laugh. Nah... Just kidding. I just like it. Do I need to have a reason for liking it? she asked, smiling. No, not really, I answered, smiling back and then turned my gaze away from her. Even I, dont have any reason for liking you, I said, without thinking. When I realized what I just said, my eyes automatically went wide and then turned to look at her face again. She was looking at me with her eyebrows creased. I was pretty sure she was waiting for me to say that I was just kidding, but instead, I just looked away from her once again and remained silent. Is that a joke? I heard her ask. What if I say its not? I asked back without looking at her. I dont know. After that conversation, she never showed herself to me anymore. I kept on texting and even ringing her phone, but she never answered. She also didnt give any excuse letter to our Biology professor, so I really didnt have any idea what happened to her. I knew it was so shallow, but I couldn’t help but think that the reason for her disappearance was my confession. Bad thing was, I didnt have her address so I couldnt go to her. Funny as it may sound, but yeah, weve been friends for quite sometime but she never gave me her address. Her disappearance went on for almost two weeks. Next thing I knew was she already dropped out of our Biology class. I wasnt at school when that happened, but rumors said, she wasnt the one who passed the drop out letter but her Mom. I didnt know what to feel nor what to think at that time. I wanted to see her but I didnt know how. Another week passed. I was walking home from school at around 6 oclock in the afternoon when two men with face masks covering their mouth grabbed and took me inside a black van where another man in face mask was sitting. My initial reaction was to struggle, but then, the man sitting inside the van suddenly injected something on my neck that made me lose consciousness. I just woke up laying on a table with several men surrounding me. My sight was blurry at first, but as it gets clearer, the more my eyes grew wider as WELL when I realized little by little the features of those men. They were all on black pants and shirts with black coats, and if you had just seen their faces, they are very much far from normal human beings. Their eyes were bloody red and have pangs on their teeth. As I looked up, I saw a familiar red ceiling of what looks like a gazebo. I was still trying to think how I got to that situation when I heard the name of the girl I had been looking for for several weeks already. Now that hes awake, Pyra, why dont you drink his blood already? I immediately turned my gaze to the right which is were the voice came from, and there, I saw her in wheelchair looking so pale and thin. My heart melt upon seeing her so weak and fragile. Is that why she suddenly disappeared? I tried to move, but I couldnt move my hands nor my feet. Its just then that Ive realized that I was tied on the four corners of the table. What now, Pyra? I looked back at her, and its just then too that I had noticed the woman standing behind her who was wearing a large red cape around her body. Looking at the woman, she looks a lot like Pyra. I-I cant, I heard Pyra said in a very low voice. I didnt even notice that she was wearing the same red dress that she was wearing when I first dreamt about her. You dont have any choice, my daughter. His blood - the blood of the man you love - is the only thing that can keep you alive. I heard the woman said again. Then it all came to me. Black coats. Red eyes. Pangs. Red cape. Blood. Our classmates got it all wrong! She isnt a witch but a vampire, and at that moment, she needed my blood! I didnt know what to say nor how to react. I never knew that vampires really do exist. I should have known it already when she told me that the reason why she likes red is because its the color of blood. I should have been scared. I should have shouted, but instead, I just looked at her with so much love while she was looking back at me as if asking permission to bite me. Without hesitation, I nodded my head and then motioned my neck to her. I waited for her to come near me and as she bite my neck, I noticed the flowers that looks like a pool of blood from afar under the bright night sky. Blood is red, and I am Red. The girl I love needed my blood to keep her alive, and now, I need blood to survive. Can I drink yours?
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