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My Fathers poem for my Wonderful mother.... Rosalinda. Cabase Marsh. Mammy Rose Fairwell my love My beautiful, sweet, amazing Rose the love of my life, I loved you from the moment we met until your last breath. You were my inspiration and my reason for living, you were so special, you were one in a million. We stuck it out through thick and thin, with the love we had we could always win. When things were hard you were by my side and your faith in me always turned the tide. A bond so strong no one could break until God came calling for you to take. The home we built with our own two hands is no longer happy and now just stands. We were partners in life and partners in love, partners in business until the call from above. You loved our son with a love so intense and your pride in him was just immense. You encouraged him each day of his life through cellphone, facebook you even tried skype. Words of wisdom, words of advise, his best supporter you were so wise. You were innocent, childlike and loved everyone but your strength and your wisdom surprised all but one. You were happy and cheerful Oh how you liked to joke, you loved dancing and music, nearly gave me a stroke. Oh how you loved business youre passion in life, youd sell water to raindrops and freight trains to mice. Our clients sure loved you and would say with a grin, she just cleaned me out, but ill be back again. We lived and we loved, we had it all, sure those years in Ireland didnt we have a ball. Now people would comment its always you and your wife are you ever apart a second in your life. So I must go on now with pain in my hearth for in this world my love we were seldom apart. We married in Cebu the Redemptorist church, sure who could have figured we could love this much. Wed grow old together and that was just grand, perhaps a marriage made in heaven it must have been planned. Forgive me my darling only now do I see I should have been better you had such faith in me. Im sorry my darling we tried every way but the cancer was relentless and would not go away. You said please cremate me look im eaten away, you were beautiful always and still are today. These words are hard and painful to write cause I must say good by to my beautiful wife. Now the tears flow freely and I grow weary for the love of my life is no longer near me. If we hold on together just rings in my ears, our favorite song now just brings me to tears. You had love in your hearth for all those around the sad and the lonely you always found. Even those who would hurt you again and again youd forgive in a heartbeat and make them your friend. You called me daddy right up to the end daddy dont be sad so I must always pretend. Your only concern was for Daniel and me even right at the end when you could no longer see. Your faith and devotion to God up above never wavered or questioned you gave all of your love. Now God will repay that devotion and love with the Angels and Saints as they sing from above. Even after you were taken away you just had to come back to tell us, Im Okay . You know that for me now its hard to go on I feel so alone in the dark on my own. People say join us, drop in or just call, they think that im lonely, not that kind of lonely at all. Until that day they call me from above, therell be pain in my heart for you my true love. I will cherish those years for the rest of my life because no one could find a more wonderful wife. You were amazing as you answered the call with love and forgiveness for one and for all. You held no grudges, you didnt know how, forgiveness and love was your only true vow. You were better and braver than all those around cause you knew only compassion you should be so proud. Im glad its you love who is up there cause you could never handle this deep despair. Our path in life I must walk on alone but what passion or vision can I find on my own. Now youre at peace dear surrounded by by love you can never be hurt now up there above. I hope our ancestors remember you well, you were the best of us all of that I can tell. Sometimes my love would you think of me as you soar up high above the sea. It was such an honour to be by your side for the twenty six years that you were my bride. Aiden Marsh
Posted on: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 11:29:08 +0000

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