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My name is Edwin Comer from San Jose, Calif. My Stroke of Luck In 4-2008 I had a stroke I thought I was the only 1 in the world for this to happen to but I found out that more than 900, 000 people per year have a stroke. In the beginning my friend Johanna B. told me to become best friends with my walker, because then I could go anywhere I wanted to go and I did that. My daughter Trudy taught me about Para-Transit with Outreach. This group allowed me to go places and gain some independence. I learned how to schedule my own rides with Outreach and gained courage to do more and I did. Outreach has a Travel Planner Group Tim E and Alicia A. which taught me to ride the bus. It was amaxing to know I could take the bus and ride to the Bart Hub in Fremont, Ca and ride the Bart system up to San Francisco. This training inspired me to helps others to learn to ride the bus. I learned about a program calledAdaptive Physical Education through my daughter Trudy whose co-workers husband Mihn had a sttoke and was going to de Anza College for physical education program. I went to see the coach with my son n law Marco and talked to the coach, Mary B. Mary gave a game plan and said I have to do this, this and this to get to where I wanted to go. She nudged me daily but did not push me. Mary had me work with Joseph T. and Leon L. They showed I did have full range of motion in left shoulder and I did not have frozen shoulder. Leon had me work on the Eliptical for 30 minutes 3 days per week and Joe T had me on the stationary bike for 4 miles at a time with a 15* grade. In the beginning I would do 4 miles in 20 minutes. After 6 monthes I did 4 miles in 15 miles. Today I go and walk laps on the track at de Anza College 3 days per week. I also walk laps at Campbell Community Center 2 days per week. Mary has taught me exercises to help to eliminate my drop foot. I work on this constantly, when I am just sitting I will do an exercise Mary B. taught that helps with my drop foot. I do this exercise a lot. I do not want to wear a brace for my drop foot even though I have one. It all comes down to how much I am willing to exercise to become free of all these challanges I have got from my stroke. I have the team to show me how to do anything I want to accomplish. Mary has made a HUGE difference in my rehab. Exercise til U Mobilize ! Thank you Mary B. ! Brian L and Jenny G. gave me information on a program at San Jose State University that helps with speech, short and long term memory along with thought organization along with multi-tasking. Through their assessment I have learned that I remember things a lot better audio than visual. I will use my strengths to improve my weaknesses. My teachers were Jasmin W, Bonny A, Alexis B, Shannon A. For some reason I always end up with the Best Teachers. I have been going to SJSU for 4 semesters as of 12-13. When I started to take my driving lessons my instructor was Sam G. He was expensive but I knew I only had 1 chance to pass my driving test so I need the best. He taught me a lot very well, because I passed. Sam G has an 87% passing rate of all his students. He would always ask me if I did that before my stroke; to see if I were bringing bad habits with me. When the student is ready the teacher will apear. If you want to do better in your life in any situation, surround yourself with the right people in what you want to do. I continue to do my home based business with the help of some of my business coaches, Marlene B.- Carole E.- Shannon W. and Ed and Sadi C. and my 2 daughters. I am fortunate that some of my business partners are doctors; Dr. A. de Guzman, Dr. D. Morton,Dr. F. Templeman and Dr R. Stone. They are some of the best in the world @ what the do. My success has been related to who I have surrounded myself with. I have surrounded myself with WINNERS. The most import people that have helped me is my family, my 2 daughters, Trudy Gonzalez and Shawnette Comer and my 4 grandsons, Matthew, Gabriel, Omar and Dmitri and my son in law Marco Gonzalez. I have a long way to go, I have achieved some of my goals but have a lot more to achieve. I am an Xtreme Dreamer and this is just the beginning. I want to go to Thailand and ride the elephants, again and have XanGO pay for it. Who wants to go with me? My Business Coaches and I will teach you how to achieve The Free Trip to Puckhet, Thailand. Let US do it together ! ! Would you like to meet some of my Coaches in my life over the phone ? ? Would you ? ? I will introduce you to them over the phone ! ! Text me or call me on my cellphone @ 1-408-569-1750. I am in San Jose, Ca. For my complete story go my website; www ed-winner There will be updates once a month so check back frequently. JOIN NE ON THE BEACHES OF THE WORLD ! ! It is amazing what a disabled can accomplish when surround by the right people and told You can do it. Ed WINNER Your Buddy
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