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Nice and comprehensive review, about the features of light in the medium and with medium, which means that there exist mass (atoms, molecules, crystal structures), which it isn’t so about the hypothetical big band physically impossible to exist energy – “purely energy” without any mass?! Then from what is contains this purely energy, or simple it isn’t possible to exist – that is about Higgs scalar field. Obviously the observation of sky far infra red radiation (incorrectly called here as a relict radiation) and its eventually polarization in fact has some mass carrier which is actually heat conductor. What is the nature of this matter and why we don’t see it? Because this is the so called dark matter which is contains from proto particles. According to USM kanevuniverse if we sing in the space of this proto particle and become part of it then we can see very many stars similar to ours in our space, this stars are from subspace where the atoms (nuclei and nuclear particles) of our space are the galaxies in the subspace. Proto particle is many times lighter than the proton and slightly less lightly than the electron and many times heavier than the neutrino and this particle in fact was born on the center of our galaxy (which is in force about any galaxy) and gives the beginning of the these three stable particles, which it isn’t form of fantasy, but physically proven fact, see Q&A USM kanevuniverse By the way on the part III is given the essence of the electromagnetic waves and you can convince yourselves that such electromagnetic process can’t travel in empty or absolute space (which it isn’t vacuum because in the vacuum exist definite above proto particles which are galaxies from the subspace). By the essence of the field creation (see USM) follows that such absolute space cannot exist. So this is another proof that the so called Higgs scalar field cannot exist and one of the very convincingly reason (only one from large number!) that such event like big bang never happen! But let return towards the proto particles and try to estimate the sub temperature (similar to the same measurement in our space) of the surface where this radiation is produces by the sub stars there. We take the coefficient of thickening of the micro cosmos observed from our position – “solid body” of our space (see USM) which is 2.63.〖10〗^4 folds. So multiplied this coefficient by the temperature of this far infra red radiation (relict) which is several degree (K) we obtain that the surface temperature of sub stars are around 20000 to 50000 degree (K) which is nice result about similar young star in our space, but not trillions degree (big bang supposition!) which can’t exist because we can’t measure this temperature not because it is almost infinite, but because there we haven’t mass and therefore accelerations and forces and measurement of such phenomenon is impossible, which means that it isn’t exist! G.Kanev
Posted on: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 12:24:40 +0000

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