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Not long after I met Donna, I met one of her nephews from her marriage...Donna is the type of person that once you are family, you are family and, after the divorce, she is still Aunt Donna...Anyway, this little kid came over to spend the night with us, one night, and all I can remember was that this kid is going to be trouble...He was a mess...Seemed like he wouldnt be happy unless he was getting into trouble... Years passed by and he grew into a teen-ager with a troubled home life...Just another one of those punk kids who dropped out of school and rebelled against everything...Thats what you saw...Another punk kid...Smoking, drinking, and partying it up all the time...No ambition or desire...School drop out...THAT kid...Theres a million of him, and youd probably bet a million dollars that they never get their act together...ever... Well... I am here to tell you that I would have lost a million dollars and, as soon as I get this foot out of my mouth, Ill explain... Stephen Prince goes by SteveyP, nowadays...I dont exactly know what has happened since the last time that I saw him, but one thing is for sure...I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG ABOUT THIS KID...There, I admit it...And gladly...This kid totally proved me, and everybody else, WRONG! He has not only got a grip on life, but hes got the right attitude too!...Words cannot explain how I felt when I first heard the song that I have attached...My jaw dropped...I felt embarrassed about myself...I felt corrected...I felt like I owed him the biggest apology ever...But, the more I listened, the more I felt empowered, too...I suddenly realized that this kid (now a man) is the embodiment of never give up...He taught me my own lesson with his own life and lyrics...The teacher being taught... I recently heard it reported that Eminems song Lose Yourself is still the number one song that Runners listen to, when they are running...It amps them up and gets them going...It does that to a lot of various people who need motivation...Including aging white guys who dont like hip-hop/rap anymore...This is my NEW Lose Yourself... *****WARNING: If you dont like Rap, then dont play this***** I want to urge you to ALWAYS encourage our youth to shoot for something great...Dont just judge them, but guide them...INSPIRE THEM...You never know when you might look up one day and need some inspiration back from them...Like me, right now... SteveyP, please consider this my personal and public apology for ever treating you like some worthless kid...YOU HAVE AMAZED ME, MAN...I STAND CORRECTED AND INSPIRED...Cant wait to see you go to the top!...I know where youve been, and what your life has been like...And, I am awe struck at what you have become since those days that I drove you to alternative proved us wrong and I couldnt be happier about it...You deserve everything that you have fought for, man...CONGRATULATIONS!!! https://youtube/watch?v=AJBljcC4APA
Posted on: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 03:39:53 +0000

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