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Ok now we have a few special discounts available that i can relay to you if you inbox me and ask for it . But i have received a few messages asking me to clarify . 1 . We have a lists of Music Professionals contacts Music Industry Extensive 10 000 + A&R , U.S Internet & college radio Stations , Music attorneys contact Directory , Music Industry Booking Agents , Music distributors , Music Industry Managers , Music Publishers , Radio Station Music Supervisors Legitimate music supervisors , Music TV FILM Supervisors , Music Producers , Music / TV Film Contracts Every Contract Needed over 300 contracts or so . Also , i have a few discount codes left for softwares for social media automation for platforms such as Tumblr , Twitter , Instagram , LinkedIn , Facebook , Blogs , Email Lead Generators and Scrappers and more tools in our software deparment to help people build a fan base and speed up their personal efforts . Hope the details help , so if you want the discount codes just inbox me i will send them to you . In case that i do not respond to you via facebook due to getting a lot of messages . Email me at [email protected] , but i should be able to respond a.s.a.p if you message me on FB
Posted on: Fri, 04 Jul 2014 09:09:47 +0000

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