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Ok thanks for the nomination Benjamin Hawxwell-Green...Jeez its tough but here are the top 10 albums that have really stuck with me & changed my life in no particular order. - ATCQ-Anthonlgy(choose this because it sums them up but all of them really) - Dr Dre- 2001(Rember getting this & spending countless hours listening to it with @ben Green & thinking holy shit) - Rage against the machine - Rage against the Machine( clocked onto this late but loved it) .- FABRIC 10- Doc Martin(not really an album but love this, really taught me about strucure in sets at a time when id just got into house music & DJing) - Cut the Crap- (All three but cds but the Andrew Weatherall blew me away) - Daft Punk- Homework.(No explanation required)- -Wu Tang -Enter the 36 chambers. - The Doors - The Doors.(Yet again late on this one but loved them after a listen or two.) - Eminem- Slim Shady LP( Had this before most folk as i was really into hip hop at the time it came out & this was ace, funny, fresh & the beats were great- i even bleached my hair). - BeastieBoys- Sounds of Science (i thought i was MCA for about a year) & a sneaky extra one...... N.E.R.D-In search of.....Love love love this album still revertback to this alot every single track is wicked!
Posted on: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 13:47:39 +0000

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