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One thing that social networks do to people is destroy them mentally,you always feel as if you have to be as good as the next person,if you dont have loads of likes on your pictures you feel as if people think your ugly,although a lot of people claim that they dont care what others think of them,deep down they know that thats not true.Self consciousness and low self-esteem is something that lots of people suffer with nowadays,a massive percentage of teenage suicides over the past few years have all been connected in some way to the internet;whether it is,facebook,snapchat,it doesnt matter!the internet is the easiest place in the world to tell someone that there worthless and that nobody cares about them.the crave to stay online and try to prove to people that you can be better and you can reach their level is just wrong and is something that nobody deserves to be put through.No matter what happens if you dont reach someones expectation of a perfect man or the perfect girl youre going to get nowhere.Thats the mentality people have nowadays.The internet is something that can be good in many ways and at the same time it can be bad in many ways.Back when my mam and dad where kids they could survive without wifi,having the latest phone,designer clothes,the latest haircut..why cant we?Socialising is something that should be left for the real world,not for a fake world were people make fake impressions of themselves to impress others.
Posted on: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 21:19:33 +0000

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