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Philippines Visa and Business Setup services •Are you tired of dealing with excessive red-tape? •Are you tired standing in long queues? •Are you tired of confusing information? •Are you tired of missing out paperwork? Then let a team of Filipino and international consultants specialized in the Visa and Business processes of the Philippines assist you in your journey to get settled in the Philippines or set up a Business. Under Philippine law you are permitted to legally authorize a representative to arrange and submit paperwork on your behalf to the various government departments. We offer services in •Business setups for Single owner, Partnership and corporations (all the way from registration to BIR) •Immigration assistance for Philippine work permit (9g visa) and Alien Employment permit •Applying for SRRV (Special Retiree Resident’s visa) •Applying for Non-Quota Immigrant visa – For those married to Filipino citizens, dependents (13 series visa) Our prices are competitive and our services are a blend of First world efficiency with Filipino hospitality, given our team of international and Filipino staff well versed with Philippine government laws. Contact us for Free initial assessment Call us now 032-3471712 Mobile: 09491945361 / 09983749211 Email us at [email protected] Visit our website: estarelianaservices Please VISIT and LIKE our PAGE, Thank you. https://facebook/pages/Estar-Eliana-Immigration-and-Business-consultancy-Cebu-Philippines/322289231263218
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