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Right to Recall / Praja Aadhin Shasan Group - Get 2 FREE eBooks Download here To save your country, be a Chanakya. Believe more in Rashtra Niti, less in Raj Niti. To get the perfect key to solve all ills of our motherland Bharat permanently in one go, ask & get RTR- Right to Recall, Jury System (Jury Trial), TCP- Transparent Complaint Procedure & MRCM- Mineral Royalty for Citizens & Military. To get full details please visit righttorecall.info Also get two eBooks free- English & Hindi study it and support your own Right to Recall Movement. Sri Rahul Mehta Ji of Right to Recall Group has put in place 90+ Law Drafts for Bharats almost all problems for your easy understanding in these two eBooks available for Free download, in Hindi at: rahulmehta/301.h.htm and in English at: rahulmehta/301.htm Learn more about Right to Recall by watching videos by Rahul Mehta Ji at: youtube/user/RightToRecallGroup Know more about Rahul Mehta Ji at: rahulmehta/ Right to Recall- Praja Aadhin Shasan/ Raja is recommended in our Atharva Veda and also mentioned in 6th Chapter of Satyarth Prakash by Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji. Our Great Patriots Subhash Chandra Bose, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Aazad and all the Shaheeds of Freedom Movement very much wanted it in Independent India. In recent times, Swami Ramdev Ji & Rajiv Dixit Ji have endorsed it. Now Rahul Mehta Ji has simplified it, within our constitution and put it in practical form, based on drafts, and made around 90+ Drafts available, covering almost all the problems of Bharat as per the links for Hindi & English given above. We Recallists, have open mind, not blind followers of any Personality/ Party and Believe in convincing the patriots or getting convinced to save our country. If you like our ideas, tell others. If you differ come back to us for a friendly discussion. I prefer discussing on Free Skype VoIP Internet Telephony. Please download it Free at: skype/en/ Then add me as oumbharti so that we can speak Free during India Day Time. Jai Hind, Regards, Oum Bharti, Maharashtra, India Join me on Twitter as @oumbharti Join me on FaceBook at: https://facebook/oum.bharti Join me on Skype as oumbharti .. Email: [email protected] PS: 1. Patriots, Plz sign this petition online on Right to Recall: petitiononline/rti2en/petition.html 2. A line in appreciation of our efforts and your willingness to work as Supporter/ Volunteer shall be highly appreciated. 3. If you are convinced, why not start distributing/ emailing/ Putting on your Social Media pages the 4 Page document in Hindi at: righttorecall.info/001hl.pdf and in English at: righttorecall.info/001el.pdf
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