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Rules to enter the Georgia Flowerhorn Group raffle drawing: 1) Entering the contest is free. All you need to be eligible to enter is to be a member of the Georgia Flowerhorn Group. 2) Raffle drawing is open to U.S. members of the Georgia Flowerhorn group only. 3) Each participant can only enter once and pick one number from 1-35. 4) If the number chosen is a duplicate from the first number that was already picked, that number will not be valid and it will be void. 5) Once all 35 numbers or positions are fill, the raffle drawing will be held on Saturnday August 2nd, 2014. 6) The winner will be receiving one bottle of Help For Moste Kok food. 7) The raffle drawing will be using the GA Lottery Powerball to pick the winning number from galottery/games/draw-games/powerball and the powerball number is the one that will be used to select the winning number. 8) The winning number will be announced shortly after the power ball number is drawn. 9) If the prize winning number is not claimed within 7 days from the winning number being announced, he/she will forfeit the winning and another drawing will be held again. 10) Winner must contact admins for the info to claim his/her prize to ship.
Posted on: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 21:40:24 +0000

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