SCAM ALERT (UPDATED DETAILS): COMMENT, LIKE AND SHARE Feel free to join frustrate them by giving them a call to mock them and frustrate them. I will be glad you did. Frusatrate all 3 lines. My experience yesterday with scammers I fooled. Beware of these three lines. They are confirmed scammers. They will claim they know you and tell you so many details about you and act as though they are helping you on a business deal of oil pipe line ridge and the likes. I sacrificed some airtime to play the fool with them and at the end of the day I got on their trail. Their bank account number is 6231693078 with Bank name FIDELITY BANK. ACCOUNT NAME: NICK SOLOMON. Again here are their numbers and names. 08035264853 (Engr Mike), 07067709149 (Hon. James Lume), 08036652581 (Pastor Amadin). Engr Mike claimed to be a staff of NNPC, Hon Lume claimed to be a Contractor of Oil pipe cork, Pastor Amadin claimed to be the Assistant Manager of Tomline Engineering and Construction Company, Ugbowo Benin City, Nigeria. Also beware of people who claim to know you in your NYSC days. They may just be one of my facebook friends who have been monitoring my details and possible official activities. Now this is why I advise people to stop displaying their detailed place of work and profile on social network generally. I had to delete mine late last year. I only display my blogs and social network addresses. These fools are desperate. Be careful of how and who you accept friend request from on facebook. I have blocked well over 33 persons on facebook looking strange to me for the past one year. Bewareof these scammers! This is yours sincerely Joshua Osagie Osayuwamen exposing these criminals live here on facebook and so many other social network. Integrity is my watchword! I am looking forward to taking their details to the antigraft this morning Friday June 7th 2013. God bless you as you get wiser in Jesus name. Amen! ~JI-WORLD~
Posted on: Fri, 07 Jun 2013 05:07:10 +0000

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