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So I had to share this story with another group this week, and I thought I would like to share it with all of you as well! I like to hear how others are meeting their health and fitness goals,and the personal struggles they overcame to make their commitment to a healthier lifestyle. If you are that kind of person, then here is my story. My personal coach, emailed me probably 6 months before I ever took the interest to listen. I was into health and fitness, but told her that I had looked up all kinds of shakes and never found one I would use. That was certainly the truth, and I had a son that had been begging for a shake being into weightlifting and I told him that they are a bunch of crap. I was not paying for him to put garbage in his body .At the time I was busy,and not really considering this one could be different. I continued to watch, my friend and now coach, posts on face book sharing her personal victories and found it very inspiring. Then one day in October, I thought I really need to look that shakeology up and see what is in it. When I did much to my surprise, it was so much more than protein, it had a bunch of supplements that I was paying to swallow every day, and then some, with super foods I had hoped to add when the budget allowed it. If any of you have done research, and purchased high quality whole food vitamins, digestive enzymes and probiotics, you can spend quite a bit on those alone and not get any protein, meal replacement or super foods! So I contacted my friend (who is now my coach), told her I was impressed, and asked how do I get this stuff?! My second thought was, I know it is going to taste like crap! LOL My husband is even more of a skeptic than I, but when I told him we are doing this he said ok, but you drink it first..haha! That is what you call true love! But my reassurance was when it tastes like crap, it is fully refundable so all I have to do is return it. That was another reason I was willing to take the chance, I thought it must be good, they cant take them all back. Pleasantly to my surprise, I got it and it tasted so good. I actually look forward to it daily. I use the chocolate vegan, we have a lot of food sensitivities in my house and there is even a product for those cases. That was another objection I raised with my coach, but another problem solved! I cant eat dairy and my daughter needs to avoid gluten, but vegan formula is dairy and gluten free. SO whether an allergy or your preference to avoid these food groups, it is possible. Things we love, it is an easy meal daily, healthier and better than anything we can cook. It is so dense in nutrients that even juicing greens you dont get all of these, not that we would even consider drinking those Since we have started drinking shakeology in late October my husband has lost 15 lbs, and I have lost 10. However, even more important to us than the weight loss, for the last couple years we have been waking to a lot of stiffness and aches and pains in the lower back and joints. Those are gone, and we are having more energy in our day to day life. My husband has high cholesterol, but refuses to take medication due to all the potential side effects. We cant wait to see the new lab results. I just know that they are going to be good. I am sure that we will see continued improvements the longer we drink shakeology! The last objection we had was the monthly price, but when we looked at our spending on empty meals on the run, and our former addiction fountain coca cola, it was an easy switch simply taking shakeology costs out of the grocery budget. That is what we are doing, and managing it with no problem. I hope you decide to try it and see how it can help you. That is what I love about this job, sharing my successes and reaching out to help others:) … Attached is a video of independent lab study, if you havent watched it you should, it is an unbiased compilation of statistics that I found to be very encouraging.
Posted on: Sat, 20 Dec 2014 19:12:30 +0000

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