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So last Tuesday 9/9 our last group of brave sharks played their butts off for a chance at the final round. Here is the scoop. First hand was played between Supevisor Tony Morris and dealer Brian Johnson; Brian had a pocket pair (ks) and Tony also had a pocket pair (10s). Bothe bet and called until the end without risking all their chips. The showdown revealed a full house for Tony and a straight for Brian, the biggest hand of the night. The only girl at the table Sylvia Stephenie Collett was forced all in by poker shark, dealer John Vasher. Sylvia showed a pair of 5s and JJ had a pair of Jacks, then the river gave Sylvia another 5 for a win. On the very next hand, Supervisor Larry Jones moved all in with a pair of Ks and JJ called his action with A-J, Larrys kings held up and JJ was the first one out. Sylvia took down Brian and Supervisor Christopher Macias. Later, she was forced all in again, this time by dealer Drew Moore. Sylvias pocket pair was beaten by Drews K high straight. The final hand that led Dealer Rene Delgadillo to the finals was played between Tony and dealer Gene Benitez, Tony went all in with Q-10 suited and Gene called with a pair of Ks. Neither the flush nor the straight came for Tony, which led Gene to the final round.
Posted on: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 23:19:20 +0000

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