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So that was a dental visit like none other that Ive ever had. It appears I am hard headed, or at least my jaw bone is extremely dense and the tooth was breaking. I needed a second set of injections for the second root extraction which was precursor for what was about to happen. By the time they got to the 3rd root, wherever the fack they were digging and drilling damn near made shoot up out of the chair so I got the 3rd then eventually the 4th set of 3 injections in which they held my hands down while they gave them to me. I guess they know how bad those hurt. They asked if I was numb, even my eye brows were numb by now. Finally the 3rd root is out and they are putting these things into my mouth, it was packing.........a foam like object that helped healing and helped prevent dry socket. Basically they back filled the hole they created with packing peanuts!!!!! Now I get the after care instructions and say, and I repeat word for word. No sharp foods like chips and no sucking. No sucking motion like straws or cigarettes..They followed up with telling about 35 more times no sucking, I really had some good answers. I guess they failed to realize that every muscle in friggin face now had palsy and no two muscles could possibly work together to even prevent myself from drooling . Apparently laughing gas is nitro, the same thing that speeds cars up, slows us down. The assistant and I had some fun with my residual effects of the laughing gas, she paraded me through the waiting room to the rest room while I swayed back and forth,LOL.. I guess the nitro relaxes your bladder because I pissed like a Russian race horse. The good thing is one effect of the nitro is that makes you cold, I WAS COLD and I havent been cold in 2 years,hahahahahaha
Posted on: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 23:09:15 +0000

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