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Surya . Drink ancient Aryans of honey . 4.5 kg of honey , 18 liters of spring water , 400 g berry fungus , 2 liters of cows milk , potion and roots at the discretion of the Knower (for example , the infusion of garlic honey ) . Dilute 4 kg of honey and 5 liters of water slightly heated , add the mushroom and berry remaining water . All pour into a glass bottle and cork tightly stoppered , but so that carbon dioxide could go out during fermentation . For three days, put the bottle in the sun for osurivaniya , then remove to a warm dark place. After 21 days , when the bubbles cease to go from the bottom of drained carefully Surya not to disturb the sediment. Skvasit milk, and then carefully drain the buttermilk , filtering through the fabric. The resulting clear buttermilk added to Surya , was added thereto roots and potions . Pour into a wide Surya tub and put in a glacier at night for freezing (after freezing Surya becomes sweeter and stronger ) . Remove the crust formed ice to raise fortress add the remaining 0.5 kg of honey and put in a cool place Surya spilling on the bottle and cork , for 3 months. Once at the bottom of the bottles will be a thick white precipitate formed and the contents would be transparent , Surya ready for use. Get wonderful mead medium strength . An important advantage : the lack of a hangover the next day , never a state of severe intoxication. Conversely, a person who drinks Surya feels a surge of strength and cheerfulness .
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