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THE STORY OF THE STRONGEST GOLD MINERS!! The story about a 101-year-old man from Vietnam who goes on a treasure hunt. The history of this event started just after World War II. In September 1945, the Japanese general, Tomoyuki Yamashita, expropriated a countless number of treasures - namely 400 tons - from various banks and museums of Asia. It happened just after the capitulation of Japan. The stolen treasures were loaded on 84 naval ships, and - according to the legend - delivered to the province of Tuy Phong in Vietnam. According to the alleged witnesses of that time- who few of them are still alive - it was the place where the Japanese general hid the treasures looted during the war. Even the most experienced appraisers are afraid to calculate the historical and actual value of these treasures. But they argue that due to the significant increase in the gold price since then, and the huge historical significance, its value can be unbelievable. A 101-year-old man from Vietnam, Tran Van Tiep, learned about that secret in 1957. Since that time, the thought about 400 tons of hidden gold agitates him. He began his first search back in 1993. More interestingly, Tran Van Tiep is still sure that this information is reliable, and the treasures are located close to Tau Mountain in the province Tuy Phong. The saddest thing in this story is the fact that the expiration date of the licence for excavations was 1 January 2015. The respectable Vietnamese man had to stop his lifework from the beginning of 2015. Provincial authorities obliged Tran Van Tiep to return every damaged area after explosive works as it was before excavations. In the supposed region of treasures, he put 1890 kg of explosives in 372 different places. Unfortunately there wasnt any result. However, the 101-year-old Vietnamese continues to believe that the treasures will be discovered at any time. After all, the historical value of the treasures increases every day, as the price of gold does. The clients of Emgoldex found their treasures in the companys online store. They buy gold bars of the best manufacturers on favorable terms, regardless of the price of gold in the market. Moreover, the company offers the opportunity to create ones own gold business, participating in the marketing program. Share this interesting information with others so more people will know where to find a real treasure today! WATCH THIS OUT.. https://youtube/watch?v=3u2dBiOkX_I&list=PLL7HrHWIFfGzvh2dsuIvgkUqgg_9QTRmz#t=10
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