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Take it all, you can have it, nothing I own is more important than this.... Some people just cant take me because they say Im too hard core Im too loud Im too passionate look at these pictures this is why I am that way cuz I stand in the gap for my Blood... Someday Baby Cruz, my first born grandson is going to ask me, Papa Buck what did you do when they were trying to destroy America? What did you do? Im a look my first born grandson dead square in the eyes and Im going to tell him Tiago Crus all I did was be the man God made me to be. Im nothing special but dammit when people needed help I was there, when my country needed me your Papa Buck did whatever it took and it didnt matter who stood between me what needed to get done, so if you think Im a little over the top you aint seen nothing yet Im sick and tired of taking what theyre giving us I refuse to participate...Same deal as when Im riding sleds... I never leave a man behind.... We all go together, as a group and we all get there together. Period!!!!! Doing what I do and bein who I am is not about me. Its about us, all of us and I refuse to let Us live the way we are living any longer. This is all our damn country and you work for us I think youve done for got that so you best start doing your frickin job or youre going to find my boot in your ass!!!!! ..... Period. Thats about the standard....Like it or Not!
Posted on: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 21:43:38 +0000

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