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Thanks Eman Lim for sharing this post. When I had my first 3Rm flat, I decided that it will be an experiment for many things. As a young couple starting out, we decided that we do not need much space given that... 1. We tend to spend most time at work or outside. 2. With a smaller space, we will spend less on decor. The things that I experimented with are... (1) I fixed my own kitchen. For the renovation, we just requested for a bare kitchen with just the tiles. I bought the kitchen cabinets from IKEA and fixed them up over a several days and a few weekends. The experience taught me about the effort needed to fix a kitchen cabinet and also the layout that will suit our lifestyle. (2) I learned how to affix wallpaper to my walls. It was done over a few weekends. I still prefer wallpapers and plan to do it for my new bedroom (the girls will be taking over our large master-bedroom. These experiments helped me to appreciate the effort and coordination needed to fix things up. Hence, when I get a quote, aside from looking at the likely material cost mark-ups, I could also have a sense if the workmanship and service fees are reasonable.
Posted on: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 04:11:05 +0000

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