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The international community is increasing pressure on dialogue 22 Jan, 2015 Concerns of the international community is growing anxiety about the situation in Bangladesh. International Organizations from the political crisis was quickly invited dialogue. The political leaders have been asked to ensure freedom of expression. Bangladesh has expressed deep concern over the situation of the European Parliament (EP) delegation for South Asia. It truly is urged dialogue. In a statement, the EP delegation relationship and harmony with the South Asian countries, Jean Lambert, the ongoing situation serious noisy as described. The statement sent to Brussels, he said, without any exception, all the political parties in the assembly, speech, and must respect fundamental rights, including the movement. The government and opposition parties to show maximum restraint, there is optimism. Statement that they do not jeopardize the development of democracy and the need to show that the real interest in the dialogue. Bangladesh Embassy of the United Kingdom Parliament to come out of the chain of violence in the country on all sides to exercise restraint and moderate, to show respect for the rule of law and called for dialogue together. A report of the House of Commons, Prime Minister recklessly playing with democracy, is widely alleged. It is, however, raised questions about the sincerity of commitment to democracy, many analysts Khaleda Zia. Many think, in fact, his political wits Zia military intervention to force the ability to move through the Awami League (Hasina ) government was expecting again. However, until now, hes not going to get a hint of something happening. The statement, however, there is the political situation in Bangladesh. The ruling Awami League and the main opposition party in the country appreciated the progress made in the ongoing political conflict in the UK Parliament. House of Commons is mentioned in a report today about the political chaos, the economy significantly going forward. Despite the many challenges, satisfactory progress has been made on the issue of social development. Recently, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union (EU), the ongoing violence and condemned to blocking the path of democracy. The violence that erupted on January 5 general elections, human rights groups have expressed concern that the continued absence. The London-based international human rights organization Amnesty International said in a statement, the political violence was intensified, the human rights situation has continued to deteriorate. The Britain-based group said in a statement Tuesday that the last three weeks, the capital and the other in the streets of the city government and opposition activists and supporters of the situation has resulted in the outbreak of violent conflict. The current political situation in the deep concern to Amnesty International is calling on the government to ensure that the 4. Amnesty calls on the Government of Bangladesh said that the arson and killings full and impartial investigation into the incident and to bring to justice those responsible will be under fair trial. Simply for exercising the right to freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrators were arrested, calling for the release of the international human rights organization. Law-enforcement officials in order to make additional and unnecessary violence, and where they do not apply to the power of the international standards, Amnesty International has urged the government to ensure it. The issue of human rights obligations in order to adhere to all the institutions of the state security services, for which Bangladesh is committed to ensuring that the government has been urged. According to the statement at the beginning, people are killed and injured in the violence of the people in the streets. Imposed a blockade of the opposition said. Despite evidence of any involvement with violence at the same time, several senior opposition leaders were arrested on charges of inciting violence. Not in favor of the government, the news media for the continued harassment of editors and executives. Suspect that the security forces announced the bomb shot beasts. The International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) is used in the physical law of contempt of court, and the freedom of expression is being curtailed. Now Mandate of the people ( Bangladeshi ) There is no freedom of expression in the country :. It is not a democracy, so the steps of our democracy needs to be established. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina democracy crackpot doing. Wants to get out of this situation intolerable manusatabe all levels are sincere commitment to democracy, Khaleda Zia, so the people at all levels (local) 90% Khaleda Zia (BNP), the state wants to see in power. So all the people at all levels of the state and the international community has called on the government.
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