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This research could be very valuable to NASA in its efforts to develop some form or radiation shielding for its space craft... Radiation exposure is the most significant obstacle to surmount in our efforts for long duration space flight, space flight above and beyond low Earth orbit.. Radiation shielding is an enabling technology to making both unmanned robotic and crewed space craft more affordable and protect our astronauts while on long voyages to explore the Solar System.. sciencedaily/releases/2014/06/140601150641.htm Affordable access to space is the challenge of the day. It would be glorious to see the lifting capacity of the shuttles in a new SCRAM jet at less cost per kg. spacedaily/reports/US_space_wars_Military_Space_Plane_aims_for_2017_lift_off_999.html DARPA issues first-phase solicitation for XS-1 hypersonic space plane for deploying satellites militaryaerospace/topics/device/mobile/t/83938263/darpa-issues-first-phase-solicitation-for-xs-1-hypersonic-space-plane-for-deploying-satellites.htm?m_n=true The Mars Underground.. This video demonstrates the movement of dedicated scientific researchers who are advocating for and designing a feasible manned Mars mission. documentarywire/the-mars-underground Great 15 minute film! The James Webb telescope operating in the infrared will take us back to glance at the origin of the universe its self! youtube/watch?v=ah6KrqABzmk&feature=em-subs_digest Informative video demonstrating how internal heat of Europa interacts with the ice surface. Many scientists believe this is where to look for life in our solar system. Many believe the basic requirements for life have been satisfied here. youtube/watch?v=ldzRCO55cUw&feature=digest_fri The future of energy! Space based solar power. 8 times more energy per unit area then ground based and no unproductive night time in space.. The power is abundant and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year! Attached to this article is a study demonstrating the justified economics for such a venture..Click on See more for more interesting articles and film.. NASA film free to watch, about their research into space based solar power... The technology was proved feasible! A private company plans on selling trips to the moon by 2020. At a price of 1.5 billion 2 passengers land on the surface of the moon.. space/19126-golden-spike-northrop-grumman-lunar-lander.html Incredible video! Watch if for free online! topdocumentaryfilms/destiny-in-space/ Penny for NASA Like this page! Lets fund agencies that inspire youth to attain high goals in science and technology that directly transfer to increased quality of life for us all! Every dollar invested in the space exploration program returns several to the economy that funded it with innovative new products, high paying science and technology jobs, further research contracts and more! Click on See More To check out the NASA Spinoff page that displays technologies developed by NASA that are put to use in other areas besides space flight to increase the quality of life for us all! In light of recent events... I would say an increase in NASAs budget would be a logical move.. https://facebook/PennyForNASA NASA Spinoffs This site is displays the technologies developed by NASA that have been put to use in other areas besides spaceflight that have greatly increased the quality of our everyday lives!
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