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Tips on avoiding time wastage will useful in everyday work life; How to avoid time wasters? Time – wasters & Techniques to be used 1. Interruptions (Telephone calls, drop-in-visitors) Operate a limited ‘open door’ policy. Tell the caller that you will call him/her back or tell the caller to call you back at some predetermined or mutually convince time Move yourself to area where telephone line is not connected Reschedule impromptu meetings with more convenient time. 2. Poorly conducted meetings Have a personal agenda covering what you want to do during the meeting. Be assertive and suggest time limit for each person. Gather support to suggest changes to meetings, e.g. limited duration, less frequent, more informative/participative, etc. 3. Too much paperwork Keep your desk tidy and tackle one task at a time. Do not ‘grass-hop’ between different tasks. Develop speed – read; you don’t have to go in details of each and every communication. Adopt a simple filling system and stick to it. Thin file sour periodically to save time when referring to them Whenever possible reply with short notes, memos, calls, mails, etc. 4. Poor delegation Delegate finite or routine work. Ask for regular status reports. Resist the temptation to get involved in minute details of a task. Be result oriented. 5. Poor work scheduling Use an ‘organizer’ to list your ‘to do’ tasks as well as make list of ‘don’t do’ tasks and keep this up to date. Set your own deadlines and make priorities and stick to them; whenever possible, don’t allow other people’s priorities to override your own. Allows allow some undisturbed time during a day and use this for thinking time or work on major projects. (Preferably when your energy level is optimum.) 6. Perfectionism Attention to details has its place but don’t allow this to get in your day-to-day achievement of targets. Allow yourself to produce standard of work that is appropriate to the circumstances. (And helps you to achieve your goals.) Poor use of technology Get retraining if you are not able to handle the technology properly. Use the divert machineries to save your time. Make notes (in mind) when you are safe at driving. 7. Lack of leisure time Schedule leisure time and stick to it. Resist the temptations to use your leisure time to meet other needs.
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