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Well, its official. Hybrid Training. Book release date: March 3rd. To be available on jtsstrength LOOSE chapter list- these are not final chapter titles, but just here to give a sense what will be covered. This book will be FULL of anecdotes, real-world examples from individuals that weve coached, and will hopefully leave the reader with a FULL understanding of this entire new (yet old) style of training. Im excited. And also have a slight deer in headlights look. Chapter list: 1. Introduction, Influences and History 2. Hybrid Training defined 3. Necessary Physiology a. Physiology of skeletal muscle and strength b. Physiology of metabolism and energy systems c. Basic Biomechanics d. Common myths and misconceptions 4. Critical Components of Strength Training 5. Critical Components of Endurance Training 6. Cutting out the Noise- Eliminating the waste 7. Sport Specific Training a. Team sport training b. The military athlete c. The sport of fitness and Strongman d. Conditioning for strength athletes e. Strength for the endurance athlete f. Training the fighter 8. How-To: Designing a routine from A to Z 9. Nutritional support for hybrid training 10. Testing and re-evaluation 11. Injury management Appendix- a routine for every imaginable athlete Appendix 2- Suggested Beer Pairings
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