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With a general election looming and UKIP gaining considerable power, I feel its important to educate the people of Britain who feel frustrated at our governments clear lack of control over immigration policies and the UKs participation in the EU, and hence use their frustration in electing political parties. The rise of UKIP in the European Parliament elections and the local elections demonstrates this clear frustration, with many people voting with the ethos of immigration is bad for Britain or that the UK shouldnt be in the EU, however, many people make these claims without stating the facts. Hence, here are some quick facts in helping to dispel the above statements, and hopefully avoiding the calamity that would ensue if far-right parties like UKIP gain anymore power. Leaving the EU would be an economic disaster, and parties like UKIP have done well in disguising this behind a façade of politics. A report titled Fiscal consequences of immigration to the UK has been published by the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM) at University College London, and can be found here cream-migration.org/publ_uploads/CDP_22_13.pdf But given that bone-idle laziness is the primary contributor to peoples lack of willingness to educate themselves of political matters, and the factor that has resulted in the economic disdain that we see today, with the corruption of our benefits system, I have taken responsibility to point out the key findings below, ***Benefits - immigrants who arrived after 1999 in Britain are 45% less likely to receive state benefits than native Brits and are 3% less likely to live in social housing. ***Education - On average, immigrants are better educated than native Britons. In 2011, 32% of those from the European Economic Area (EEA) and 43% of those from outside of the region had a university degree, whereas for native Brits it was less than one in five (21%). ***Taxes - Immigrants from the European Economic Area (EEA) contributed 34% more taxes than they received as transfers, while those from outside of the EEA contributed 2% more. ***Professor Christian Dustmann, co-author of the study, said: Immigrants who arrived since 2000 have made a very sizeable net fiscal contribution and therefore helped to reduce the fiscal burden on UK-born workers. For the perspective of arguments against immigration, sure, an open EU immigration policy and free movement within the EU brings costs in the form of benefits immigration or increased cross-border fraud, but as a whole, the benefits derived from immigration far outweigh the costs UKIP spokeswoman Suzanne Evans herself admitted that UKIPs poor election performance in London has been blamed on difficulty appealing to the educated, cultural and young.. Undoubtedly because UKIP themselves know that their key demographic are aged bigots who are uneducated, or refuse to educate themselves, in the economic, cultural and social factors that the UK benefits from by being a multicultural country. I call out to society, to act early, and prevent the pending disaster that these closet racists would bring to our country.
Posted on: Mon, 26 May 2014 10:32:07 +0000

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