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https://youtube/watch?v=RngND1fk9jY ALLAH is a GODDESS not a GOD- GET OVER IT ISLAM is sucked into LILITHs BLACK BOX - COME OUT of HER...ISLAM created in NEW YORK- LILITH is GOING DOWN HAARPERs WEATHER MACHINE FLOODING CANADA AGAIN today.kinakwiicountry - PREPARE for a NEW PARADIGM - JULY 2 2014 - BYE BYE LOSER JULY 1 2014 no SPAM LAW in EFFECT - if you want me to BUG the HEAVEN out of you - jrgenius@yahoo // // /// serenitystreetnews/ /// https://youtube/watch?v=RngND1fk9jYhttps://youtube/watch?v=l2IEQRoGUiU&list=UUichk8MbM7zbwSJ_OSzKUDA - The elites protect each other’s criminal activities. Those who make the most money make the rules. The plutocracy of white privilege supported by the money put into their off-shore bank accounts by multinational bankers can do as they please. The polls support them. The mainstream media shamelessly promotes these con men worldwide. Their slave masters own the banks, corporations, governments, congress, parliament, prime ministers, presidents, judges, military and mainstream media. The war economy keeps them in power. People are waking from the “owistah” disease but stay silent. They falsely believe there would be chaos, uprisings, bloodshed, anarchy or mob rule without repression. They are told this is the only way to keep getting the bounty the slave system offers. Stalin said, “It matters not who wins the vote, only who counts it” [the polls]. The people are conditioned from birth to defend their rulers even if they are stupid, low class, immoral vicious tyrants. mohawknationnews/blog/tag/fema-camps/ DONT WORRY...I have quite a FEW MILITARY BOYS on my SKYPE. NO ONE WANTS a WAR but the BANKS. SO we will give to CAESAR what is CAESARS. NO FUNNY MONEY - NO WAR GRAB a SHOVEL and STAY LOCAL // BIO SEED BOMB your AREA with mixed plants so that everyone can harvest later // I want to BIO BOMB CANADA with POT SEEDS /// RAISE the VIBRATION and SHUT OUT the MIND CONTROL, once and for all /// MY DREAMS are CUMMING TRU. We are going to have to CHANGE the FLAG now to the PREDOMINANT BIOME // NO ONE is COMING for US.... the GIG is UP... I have spammed everyone for over 3 years now...since JACK LAYTON was running...this is my last I got to run...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! /// BAKED SPUDS and BUDS topped with CANNABIS OIL - YUM - put that on the menu • MAFIA needs to INCOME now that the POPE cut them off. I use to TEACH the KIDS in WOODBRIDGE. ALL MAFIOS- HERAs BLOODLINE
Posted on: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 19:20:41 +0000

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