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when 9-11 happened, i was ignorant to the world, and all i remember was being sad, because i missed a new episode of digimon. while it is definitely a defining and tragic moment in american history, its time to move on, this crap is getting real old and milked dry. not exactly honoring the people that died that day. yes its sad, but america isnt exactly a saint anymore, and its not like it was back then even. we are a slowly brainwashed country with a very small attention span that will freak out at anything if presented to the media. bigger things have happened in the world at this point. alot of us should be mature enough to realize that stuff some people may get mad at me for saying that but whatever, most people are gonna forget this day by tomorrow just like they forgot trayvon martin, KONY, the haiti earth quake, the japan tsunami, and then bandwagon it all again next year like they were real americans that read their high school history books. at least im choosing to watch digimon today.
Posted on: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 23:12:27 +0000

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