ATTENTION!!!! COLLECTING WARM CLOTHING DONATIONS!!! (Winter jackets, hats, sweaters, scarfs, you get where Im flowing) Temperatures are dropping fast! We’re going to get snow any day now, and Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Everything previously collected at the Dabventure is no longer in our hands so I’ve coordinated with some friends in Rhode Island to establish some drop off locations throughout the state for WARM CLOTHING DONATIONS (winter hats, gloves, pants, blankets, jackets, scarves, sweaters etc) These businesses are super friendly and are always opened armed and eared for their people. Feel free over the next few weeks to bring something into either location, they will have a place for it and we will be adding everything collected with what was gathered at Ghouls & Globlins. We will be donating it all at one time, hopefully throughout a few different shelters within the state BEFORE Christmas Eve. Here are some drop-off locations that will be ready for donations starting this weekend (we may add one or two more depending) Grow Depot – 1435 Victory Highway, N. Smithfield RI (across from Gators) Growin Crazy – 93 Kingstown Rd. Wyoming, RI RIGS – 402 Main St. South Kingstown, RI (will also collect nonperishable food items) The Spot Underground – 101 Richmond St, Providence, RI
Posted on: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 19:30:24 +0000

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