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Christmas is just around the corner and gosh how time flies. Many of us will be busy with the merry making that we forget about the reason we celebrate. I would like to call everyone of the Christian faith (including myself-yes I am guilty too) to recommit our lives to God and Christ. Let us show solidarity no matter which denomination we are. Lets start filling up the Churches every week and let us guide our children towards keeping the faith in God through Christ. If the church you are aligned to, is far away, go to the nearest one-fill them up to the brim even if you have to stand outside. Christmas and Easter are not the only time to do it. God is not in church twice a year. The Church is a place for us to show solidarity of our faith so why not every Sunday? That is not to say that God only exist in church as we may choose to believe but His presence is with us every moment as long as we allow it and are not ashamed to declare His son as our Saviour. God does not need us,but, through Christ we will have an evergreen presence of God. Remember King Davids prayer/song,Take not thy presence away from me.Stop the slide, and kick start our joint Spiritual march now,before it is too late,...before Gods presence is lost. There is no point for us to point fingers that we are being downtrodden or being persecuted when we are not united in our Spiritual journey. Let us also be humble and not think that our God only belong to us or that we can foretell who can go or not go to Heaven. God is universal and only He and His appointed guardians can decide who enters the gates of Heaven.
Posted on: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 14:19:39 +0000

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