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Collegiate Game #10: Saints Girls U15s sadly lost against Clarendon (East London) 0-3 in an extremely tough and tight Semi-Final game. The Score did not however reflect how close the game really was. Both teams had ended the round-Robin Stages in Joint Second Place on the same points and net-goals, and a coin-toss was required to determine Team Match Cap Colours (Saints played in their beloved Blue). Clarendon scored their first goal with ONLY 3 (three) seconds left on the clock at the end of the first-half (good top-corner goal) which gave them the advantage going into the second half! (Actually, all three Clarendon goals were very good goals, i.e. no softies). The Girls now need to focus on the Bronze Medals! Lets go get those Girls! Score H1 0-1, H2 0-3. Man-ups 0-2v2-1 (very good use of Man-Ups by Clarendon who drilled both goals), Saves 4v0, Shots Wide 2v2, Intercepts/Steals 9v12 (Clarendon again were sharper here), Corners 0v1, Penalties 0-0v0-0, Swim-Offs Won 1v1. Saints play Pearson U15A (Port Elizabeth) (Home-Based Team) for 3rd/4th Place at 1pm in Game #11 today. Gooooo Girls, one last game!
Posted on: Sun, 05 Oct 2014 11:28:29 +0000

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