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Day 11 - Luke 5:18 “Then behold, men brought on a bed a man who was paralyzed, whom they sought to bring in and lay before Him.” Whether he was born paralyzed from birth, or became that way later in life, the result is the same. Total dependence on others. Perhaps, when people looked at him all they saw was a body in need. His friends exercised “now faith.” They picked him and his cot up and carried it to where Jesus was, so that Jesus could touch him. Faith calls for risk. The friends and the paralytic took risk. They risked falling as they climbed upon the roof. The risked dropping their friend and causing greater injury. They risked being arrested for damaging property. They risked being laugh at, with such a silly plan. Yet in “now faith” they stepped out to do something. That’s what “now faith” is. It’s doing something, not sitting around talking about what should, could, and/or would happen if someone did something. They did something. Jesus honored their “Now Faith” and healed the one paralyzed. But the greater act was the forgiveness of his sins. Prayer: Father develop Now Faith in me. Even as I resist the testing to accomplish it, let me be healed of too much talk, without action. In Jesus Name. Amen! ***************************** My daily devotions will end in June. Some have asked where they might find daily devotions. What follows are suggestions. These I believe can be helpful to ones Spiritual Growth. You can have then sent to your email or facebook as you wish. Pastor Julius There are many good devotional resources out there – I would encourage you be sure they are trusted, biblically based. Not everything that says it’s Christian … is! The above link is to “Prime Time with God” “Today God Is First” Link. Towards the bottom of the page, you will see (Unsubscribe or Edit Your Subscription) Here you can insert your email to have this devotional sent daily to your inbox. [] The Upper Room is available for pick up at the Church, quarterly, in regular and large print. You can also subscribed to it on line at [] Another good daily devotional may be found at < CrossWalk. > Click on (Devotional) Daily Reading Guide
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