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Death ooooh death WHY SEAN? Learnt that he has planned to enter God’s Holy Estate (Marriage) on tomorrow (September 13, 2014), I Know that we schooled together during our senior high studies; I remember that he was a part of this class “COGETO EGOSUM”, class of 2002/2003 @ Henri Wilmot Dennis United Methodist School. A class of 81 persons, but you have made the # 2 we have lost since we left high school about a decade plus 1. Uhmmm... its known that he was so....... friendly and always concern about others, yet he has passed on. When did death come into this picture, Sean when we know that you have a lot to contribute to the growth and development of our country? Oooooooh Don Waylee, Jenkins Waylee, Sean Waylee better still, Sean Dennis as you loved to be called, WHY SO SOON? I know you have no idea, Sean what losing you has done to our hearts. Our class, “COGETO EGOSUM”, the school (Henri Wilmot Dennis United Methodist School), your friends, family, relatives especially so your wife to be can’t afford to call you the “late”, Sean. But I hear Jim Reeves say, “this world is not my home, I’m just passing through”. Brother, your treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the BLUE. Aye mehn Jenkins......sleep on til we meet again! RIP Sean!!!!! To all members of the class 2002/2003 of HWDUMS, Im pleading with you for a meeting to discuss sympathizing with the bereaved family and as well give our own contribution; whether you are in or out of Liberia, your contribution is highly solicited. Please write in the comment space below a suitable DATE, TIME and VENUE for the meeting before paying a visit to the bereaved family.
Posted on: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 14:14:52 +0000

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