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Do you guys love travelling?Do you guys like to get Significant Discounts? I am sure you guys would love to do so since this is a business you guys are in! Here is something you could include in your packages! Introducing A Leisure Life.... A Leisure Life is about a lifestyle. Most people will save all year just to go on vacation. A Leisure Life provides a new way to take luxury vacations without having to save all year long! You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars upfront along with expensive annual fees. Even more importantly, A Leisure Life wants you to take more than one vacation a year and any where you want to go. Now you can! By enrolling in this amazing opportunity you will have access to the luxury resort and vacation locations along with name brand merchandise. Take the journey with us and begin creating your personal Leisure Life Lifestyle today! Take time to watch these quick videos on how to do both. 1. A Leisure Life Beginning -https://youtube/watch?v=53t8KPYRB1Q 2. A leisure life promo 03 -https://youtube/watch?v=pqjyYR0Hmb4 3. A Leisure Life,Rewards Cash Video -https://youtube/watch?v=aRu6XJSkxzE 4. A Leisure Life, Culture (https://youtube/watch?v=F5mfLgkGT6Q) - https://youtube/watch?v=F5mfLgkGT6Q 5. A Leisure Life - Compensation Plan - https://youtube/watch?v=tpQadI03I3U After watching the videos and viewing the powerpoint presentation here is how to join by clicking here. May this be a start of a good business relationship! Sincerely yours, VicenteTigerPajaro +639052295334 63-2-9417845 ID#:1517 aleisurelife/voyager P.S. -More Detailed Powerpoint Presentation of Compensation Plan is available upon request by giving your Full name and Email Address!
Posted on: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 11:45:00 +0000

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