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Dream last night/this morning: So there we were in the ritziest hotel in town, and there was the largest theater company in town doing back to back shows in the main ballroom right off the cafeteria and they were having the largest buffet of soup and seafood. That just sets up the scene, it was late and there were a ton of holiday guests that were in the dining room having a late night snack of the seafood buffet and the soup buffet, and outside there came a long procession of veterans and homeless people with their kids, looking very hungry. One of the veterans came up and banged on the window, and said, HEY, why dont you do us a solid and let us in for a hot meal? Help us out the way we helped YOU all out huh? One of the hotel managers just went to the window and drew the blinds saying, Im sorry sir were at capacity right now with paying customers. Some of the actual guests who heard this murmured their agreement, while some just started talking and then continued to stuff their faces. Even though the floor we were on had room, I and some of my fellow hotel workers and acting company decided that this was unacceptable given that it was the eve of the biggest holiday of the year, and there was more than enough to go around. We walked around the counters and tables, and went to the main dining hall doors and started to open them, much to peoples dismay! There was a collective groan in the crowd of actual customers and people started to show their outrage by saying No, were at capacity! To which we just turned to them and said, if you dont like it, you can get a full refund and find another hotel to stay at last minute for the holiday. We slowly began to rouse the entertainers, who were being rather snooty themselves, and so, as we saw more and more homeless children coming into the hotel and seeing all the fabulous set and props set up, we told them, if you dont start putting on those costumes, well get on the intercom and sing the loudest chorus of I love you, you love me that the world has ever heard, waking every child in the hotel who will come down and demand a performance. All with huge smiles on our faces. Then as we began, to see the smiling faces of all the indigent people coming into the hotel, people began to show a little more of the spirit of the holiday and start bringing everyone food and drinks and bread. The actors donned their costumes, the musicians began to tune up their instruments, the props were set up and lit, and the house lights flashed to signal the start of a show. A canopy was set up over the orchestra, and , out walked an actor in a big yellow dinosaur costume and a hush fell over the crowd except for every child going yay at the same time and giggling with eyes full of wonder. As the show began, there was a rope castle that came down from the ceiling as the dinosaur began singing about how there wasnt enough food for him to share with all his friends, so he was going to sing the soup storm song. As he began, I looked over to one of my coworkers, who had a wonderfully mischievous look on his face, and the rest of the actors came out to join the refrain. We all knew that after the song, there would be plain water that began to rain from the rope castle and all the actors would pretend it was soup and drink it. My shocked managers and the uptight, snooty patrons had the stink eye all over their faces and began to whisper and murmur under their breaths saying how ridiculous it was that they had to put up with this behavior and began to plot how theyd put a stop to this foolishness. They began to close up all the buffets and lock all the dish carts. Upon seeing and hearing that, and then hearing the song come to an end, I walked out on stage and quieted the crowd by saying, mister sky, wont you please help all our wonderful new friends have something to eat? I began to get the little kids to sing along, and there yellow dinosaur looked over to me with a look of understanding and played along with all the rest of the company. I looked over to my mischievous coworker with a nod and he turned on the sprinkler system to the big dance floor... Only instead of water, lukewarm minestrone soup began raining down onto everyones heads and into their empty bowls. The crowd gasped, and it took everyone a moment to realize what was happening. Then, all of a sudden, All the homeless children jumped for joy, shut their eyes and began dancing around with their mouths open wide as they gulped down mouthfuls of the delicious soup rain. Everyone then began to laugh, even the actors, even the naysayers, and then everyone began to sing the song again with beaming smiles on their faces as they caught the soup in bowls and cups and began to eat their fill. Needless to say, we all knew we were fired, but we didnt care, we fed everyone to their fill, and made sure those children had the happiest (albeit messiest) holiday ever.
Posted on: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 11:56:55 +0000

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