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Father God... watching the news... listening to people talk... seeing whats going on in the world... actually witnessing what is being allowed in schools, and on our jobs, and even in places of so called worship, the subject is, Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself and dont worry about who doesnt go along with it. Lord God, the thin line between doing whats morally and spiritually right... and doing whats ungodly and spiritually wrong, is beginning to turn into a gap, and that gap has emerged into a gulf. There is no more hiding... there is no shame... sin has blinded the hearts and minds of men and women, young and old. Secret closets are now the talk of the town. Its getting so now Lord, that we are either struggling to follow You in this god forsaken and evil world, or just flat out rejecting Your Word and what is expected of You. Have we forgotten what the wages of sin are? It’s still death. Have we forgotten that You are still in control, and that what You say has not been rescinded? Lord, we live as if we will bypass death, step over the cross, tread through Your precious blood and walk right into Your heaven. Open our eyes Lord. Have mercy on us before it is too late. The enemy has fooled us. Wake us up before we wake up in a burning hell. Have mercy God Almighty. Amen. To God Be The Glory!
Posted on: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 17:25:09 +0000

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