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For Every Mom - some encouragement on this Friday morning... Yes - take a minute to read this! Your kitchen may downright look like a hurricane hit it (mine does), but your kids wander in and out of it with laughter, chattering away, displaying confidence and a sense of freedom. You know why? Youve instilled in them that they are so loved, so wanted, so WELCOME anywhere you are. Theres no doubt in their heart that you love them with all YOUR heart. That you (and Dad) are their HOME. Your bedroom might look like mine (wheres the bed again?), but your kids race around the house, past all the rooms, cracking up and playing, rolling around without a care in the world. Yes, theyre supposed to walk. Yes, youve told them a million times. But they forget, and yet there is a sense of grace for them always...always a second chance...You are the Mama who never stops shaping their heart, and they know you have their best interest at YOUR heart. You are their HOME. Your face may lack make-up most of the time (mine does), and your hair has seen better days. Caveman describes your latest do. But your kids see the real beauty, the you inside - your heart. The one woman in the world who would give her very life for them if necessary. The woman who would go to the ends of the earth to make them feel loved, cherished, and that they belonged. The woman who prays for them regularly and who even prays for their future spouse. The woman who will go to her grave praying, no matter how old those children get. You are that woman. You are Mama. When your children think of HOME, they think of you. And His hand is on your head tonight.
Posted on: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 11:34:09 +0000

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